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    by Published on 02-07-2016 06:42 AM
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    For details visit the Driver Briefing ...
    by Published on 02-05-2016 07:51 PM
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    Daytona 2.4h Special Event won by John Nelson in a Jaguar XJR-5, David Anderson takes P2 class win and Darien Bailey is the winner in GT
    Write-up by Patrice Cote

    The CMS-wide Special event at Daytona was held January 24th with 21 drivers. There was a historical flavor to the car set with the '82-'84 GTP mod providing a mind-boggling number of cars to choose from. There were many Porsche 956 on the grid as you might have expected, but in the end it a Jaguar, skillfully driven by ...
    by Published on 01-30-2016 07:35 PM
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    Norm Graf takes a resounding win at Barber Motorsports Park in round 2 of the CMS Open Wheel Racing Series!
    by Published on 01-30-2016 04:19 PM
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    Program for 66 Monza race

    After the Daytona Party, we are back to F1.

    Monza was originally built in 1922. Over the years it evolved several times, most notably in 1954 with the addition of the high-speed oval. Monza has always been a speed and horsepower track, and the oval was the absolute pinnacle of the pursuit of speed. ...
    by Published on 01-26-2016 09:32 AM
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    Michael Kolar wins his 2nd in row at Silverstone in the 1965 F1 series
    Write-up by Patrice Cote

    We were back on our "regular" F1 series at Silverstone on January 10th after a Touring Cars special. The old 1965 layout provided a succession of long straights and mostly mid-speed corners, giving engines with a few extra horses a definite edge.
    This turned out to be a very closely fought event. Michael Kolar comes out on top after a race-long duel with Todd Alan.

    by Published on 01-24-2016 11:32 AM
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    In an amazing effort and show of the strength of the Champion Motorsports community, we'd like to share our amazing result from the 2016 iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona. A few weeks ago we had tentatively talked about creating a team, but things ...
    by Published on 01-18-2016 11:08 PM
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    Join CMS for a special season opening event, the CMS 1984 2.4 Hours of Daytona! We will be using the excellent Virtual GTPC for rFactor. A season opening Daytona race has been a staple at CMS for many years, and we have raced everything from modern Daytona Prototypes to 60s sportscars. This year we will go back to the fabulous Group C era for a fictional match-up between the worlds best sportscars.

    In 1982, the 24hrs ...
    by Published on 01-17-2016 05:08 PM
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    2016 CMS North American Rally Cup

    The CMS North American Rally Cup returns for 2016! This is a virtual rally championship using SCi Games Richard Burns Rally (RBR) and the Rallyesim RBR (RSRBR) mod. It is a simulation of the real-life North American Rally Cup, an annual contest designed to encourage cross-border participation in Rally America and Canadian Rally Championship events.

    Software Requirements and Registration:

    In order to compete ...
    by Published on 01-17-2016 09:38 AM
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    Norm Graf takes a narrow win over April Dillon in the opening round of the CMS Open Wheel Racing Series at Mid Ohio! ...
    by Published on 01-16-2016 11:35 AM
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    Ladies and gentlemen... The Pre-season event for the CMS WRS 2016 S1 will be at the famed Silverstone circuit!

    Silverstone Circuit is a motor racing circuit in England next to the Northamptonshire villages of Silverstone and Whittlebury. The circuit straddles the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire border, with the current main circuit entry on the Buckinghamshire side. The Northamptonshire towns of Towcester (5 miles) and Brackley (7 miles) and Buckinghamshire town of Buckingham (6 miles) are close by, and the nearest large towns are Northampton and Milton Keynes.

    Lets take a lap...

    After a new pit building, the Silverstone Wing, was completed in time for the 2011 race, the start of the track was relocated to between ...

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